Believe it or not, these are authentic, new-old-stock, Touchmatic and Touchmatic II’s.
Built in Amana, Iowa, shipped off for sale, then forgotten for 40 years!

I have acquired a limited number of 9TA and 10A microwave ovens, the most popular models Amana ever made. These are complete with sealed cook books, new temp probes, owners manuals with registration cards, and new glass trays, exactly as they would have been delivered new in 1980!

The stainless steel interiors are pristine, the door plastic snow white, and the chrome exterior is virgin. Before sale, I’ve gone through each with a fine-tooth comb. This includes replacing internal foam seals, oiling the fan bearings and replacing the original control panel capacitors. Each unit is then performance tested, electronics ‘burned-in’, and the machine safety checked before returning it to its original factory styrofoam and carton. (pics are clickable for a larger view)

Features & Pricing:

RR-9TA: The famed ‘Touchmatic’ featuring a glass touchpad with red LED display. These offer 2 cooking programs, one-button defrost, and 9-Cookmatic levels letting you thaw just about anything without browning. Appearance is gleaming chrome with black buttons and dark brown painted case.

RR-10A: Offering the same features as the 9TA, but with 4 cooking programs, a kitchen timer function, and the ability to set a ‘start time’ for cooking while you’re away. These models feature light brown buttons and a simulated woodgrain cabinet.

Both models feature Amana’s updated air cooling system, improved splash shields, the patented Rota-wave antenna, pulsed magnetrons, temp probes with cook-and-hold capability, and frankly, are built like mil-spec tanks.

Due to overwhelming demand, I have had to suspend sales at this time. Please check back after the 1st of the year. Thanks.


Please contact me at the following address for availability. Pricing is FOB from Cedar Falls, IA. Personal pickup is always welcome!

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